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Monrovia Area Rugs

Home decor matters a lot to me ever since my grandmother entered into an online sweepstake to win an HGTV million dollar home.  She showed me the house that was built in Florida and I noticed that the interior designer picked out every color scheme, fabric, and all the home decor from the pillows, light fixtures, couches, beds and wall art.  I was amazed at how the home’s the interior designer had a great eye for coordinating all accessories.  On the HGTV show the designer took the tv audience through her shopping experience which included every item she picked out and the meticulous way she looked through all the things and chose just the right home decor for every room and place.  This experience taught me a lot about beauty in decorating.  The satisfying thing about home decor design is someone else someone else appreciating and admiring your taste and ideas in decorating when looking for area rugs in Monrovia.


The HGTV house that my grandmother wanted was won by another person. The house actually was built in a city 30 minutes away from us.  After a couple of years in the house, the person who won the house and his family could not afford the taxes on the house and moved back where they were originally from.  My grandmother took this opportunity to go see the home and she brought me along.  I had an up close  and personal experience observing all the beautiful home decor and I was hooked from that point on.


Being a guy interested in home design is not as popular as a woman, but with several men designers like Tom Ford, David Arquette, Gianni Versace, and others have opened the door for the men to be comfortable and included in this profession. My favorite decorating tips are to have an explosion of colors but never overdone.  I like pictures of animals, like pink flamingos, beautiful small dogs,  floral arrangements are always a joy to work with.  Abstract paintings, cushy pillows, big push mattresses, couches, and chairs.

But nothing brings out the beauty in the home like large cushy and traditional area rugs, from sink down rugs to fabric flat rugs for people who may exercise or do yoga on.  Also some people like the fabric flat rugs when they have allergy problems.  The beauty of home decor and design to me is coordinating colors from the rugs, couches, chairs, bedspreads and comforter sets to the curtains in the home.  What completes and bring interior design to its full splendor is well crafted metal wall art.  The multiple intricate designs in black, bronze, frost color and other shades and colors do what no other home decor does in bringing out the natural beauty in the home.  The metal wall art gives the home a sense of ambiance of a time past but stately while being elegant and warm.  I believe home without metal wall art is not complete, like a tablet without a pen.


Another great tip in interior design is not to have too many pictures up on the wall, where it will look cluttered.  I also recommend using a wood stick tape measure better than the other kind because it holds its position and, stays in place better when you place pictures side by side to keep them in sync.  I believe that you should always have your furniture in place before you put the pictures on the wall to be sure it is put exactly where it is needed so you do not have to make unnecessary nail holes in your wall to reposition the pictures and other wall art.


One of the greatest joys and tips about decorating a home is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful home.  My aunt and uncle had a home built two years ago I went to  goodwill and other thrift stores and I found new accessories, wall decor and other home decor essentials.  Stores like Kirklands, Bed Bath and Beyond and other stores regularly give new things to Goodwill and other stores, also if a box is damaged with items in it or items that has small and not noticeable scratches, those will be donated also.  When my aunt and uncle had a house warming,  and the guest commented on how beautiful the pictures, wall art and other accessories that I purchased.  These compliments really made me feel great.  Since that time I have helped others decorate their homes.


Egyptian Home Decorating

From a very young age, I have always had a fascination with ancient civilizations, and aspired to become an archaeologist. I can recall my childhood days sitting in front of the television to watch National Geographic documentaries or exploring the backyard with my trusty shovel and sun hat, looking for signs of past life. The farthest I could get, however, was the occasional bone; certainly not buried by my dog, I was sure they were the remains of a Native American warrior who had died honorably in battle, or a Spaniard who had battled starvation while exploring the intolerable American southwest. By day, I was an adventurer, looking into bygone eras; by night, I was a Roman gladiator fighting in the coliseum, a Greek hero traveling on a quest from the gods, even an Egyptian pharaoh overseeing the construction of the Pyramids. In essence, each and every civilization played a significant role in history, and I wished to play a part in uncovering it.

Ancient Egypt in particular piqued my interest, and I had a great appreciation for Egyptian culture and art. I remember reading stories before bed about King Tut and the “Curse of the Pharaoh,” under my blankets with a flashlight, only to dream about exploring lost tombs and pyramids or traveling back in time to become Queen Cleopatra. In elementary school, we built mini replicas of the Pyramids of Giza and wrote our names in hieroglyphics. The devotion held towards the Egyptian gods, now considered myths, was a preoccupation of mine in seeing how it controlled the behavior of the Egyptian people. Each aspect of life was controlled by some higher power, whether it concerned Egyptian rulers, agriculture, traditions, even the weather was a result of some god’s bidding.

One such way in which the gods influenced Egyptian culture was through art and decoration. In fact, decoration was one way of representing the culture itself. Everything was created to serve a purpose, whether it was for honoring the living and the deceased, or simply for practicality. Pottery and ceramics, for example, was used for eating, cooking, etc. Statues were meant to contain the souls of the dead or please the gods. Figurines of divine powers warded off evil, whereas jewelry such as amulets and charms offered protection. Tombs were made to remember the living and and guide the dead on their way to the afterlife. Despite the fact that each object was designed for a simple task, artisans were given the liberty to decorate each piece however they wished. Much of this art described lavish lives of the upper class as well as the grueling work of the lower class. This would come to influence Greek, Roman, and other future civilizations, even modern art and architecture.

However, many of these artists were never credited for their work, nor did they wish to be credited. This is what I admire the most about early Egyptian art. All pieces focused first on function, and then on creativity, and artists readily accepted this fact, as it made them satisfied knowing they did what they did best. Artists took personal pride in their work, but did not feel the need to glorify this to the world. This is a lesson that I feel transcribes to society today, in the sense that everyone should strive to do something for the good of others. Whether it’s walking an elderly person across the street, or paying for the person behind you in line, small and anonymous acts of kindness can go a long way. The fact that art from such a long time ago has the ability to inspire people to act is why I wished to go into such a field.