20 Mobile Device Emulators

Mobile websites are becoming more popular, and you need a way to test everything on different phones.  Here is a list of emulators that will get you started.


The Emulators

  • Android emulator
  • Blackberry emulator
  • Dot Mobi emulator
  • Firefox Mobile emulator
  • iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch emulator
  • Klondike WML emulator
  • LG emulator
  • Microsoft Devices emulator
  • Motorola emulator
  • Mozilla Fennec emulator
  • NetFront emulator
  • Nokia emulator
  • OpenWave emulator (archive)
  • Opera Mini emulator
  • Opera Mobile emulator
  • Palm emulator
  • Palm Pre / iPhone emulator
  • Samsung Java emulator
  • Samsung Platform emulator
  • Windows Mobile emulator

I know I am always looking for emulators, so hopefully this list will help you out.

Six Revisions has a great article on best practices for mobile.  Be sure to check it out, that is where I got this list from.  Super helpful. Thanks!

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