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Southwestern Decor Tips

There is a lot to consider when designing an interior space. The space shouldn’t be without some sort of meaning or personal connection with the client or yourself when designing your own space. Designing is a great way to express yourself, to show your personality and I absolutely love it. I want to make everything around me beautiful. I love taking a space and making it come alive.


There is so many different types of designs you can do that makes a place feel like home. Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being. You want a room to feel warm and welcoming, you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable in the space you create. Imagine what the world would be like if everything had to be modern, one color, one type of pattern or texture and you couldn’t put our own personality or your clients personality in the rooms that’s being transformed? It would be a sad, dull world, one without variety, creativity and comfort.


That’s what I love about designing, you use creativity, personality, color, patterns, and textures to bring a space alive. No one person is the same so why should their homes be? I love big, bright and open concepts. I love using natural light to brighten a room so you don’t get that dingy yellow hue. It is satisfying when you have a vision in your mind of what you want the room to look like and it all comes together in the end.

Southwestern Rugs Are A Great Addition

My father was a carpet/floors salesmen and installer most of his life and all of mine while growing up into high school. I adapted some of his views on home decoration. Whereas many look at the walls and ceiling decorations, we are attracted in looking at the floor. When I was young, I loved carpet the most. The soft feeling under your feet and being able to push it in directions to make different patterns. Growing up I gained some appreciation at how much easier it is to clean and maintain hardwood floors instead.


A carpet may not be able to be swept clean and is absorbent of liquids which is problematic. I have another guilty pleasure when it comes to flooring, that is Southwestern rugs. Southwestern area rugs are an easy way to dramatically improve your home decor. You simply drop them on the floor and watch the style and look of your home instantly improve.


When I got my apartment in Vermont, replacing the flooring was not a very great option as it was still all new and fresh. To put my own flair to the place I decided to go for the walls and buy a rug for living room. I tossed down a purple tartan pattern rug, covered my couch and love seat with a purple cloth and picked purple themed posters on the walls. For the rest of my home I set off to hanging shelves to decorate with knick knacks and figures. My hallway was lined with wall scrolls of anime and comic heroes, at the end of my hallway was a large poster of Saint Bill Clinton which was visible the moment you entered. The poster was a kind of joking jab at my parents who hated that president and it was a humorous gift from a friend, I greatly enjoyed it addition.


I believe decoration of a home should be reflection of the owner and to the likes of their own. Decoration made to impress guests will fall flat most of the time unless you are always inviting guests over to your home. Decoration in a place of business to impress guests would make more sense. As such, I decorate to my likes, which may get a chuckle out of guests, but guests are the minor occupants, I am always there to appreciate my decorations.

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